Sunday, February 11, 2018

You Can't Put A Price On Nostalgia, Jenkins

Actually, you can. Especially when you're mostly broke like the husband and me.

Lately, the husband has been frolicking down memory lane like a coked up spider monkey and searching for vintage toys from old cartoon lines. We're both collectors and have a pretty swanky "nerd room".  My focus is mostly on Mega Man figures and celebrity/voice actor autographs. I've got some damn good ones, too-- Mr T., Dee Bradly Baker, Janet Varney, Grey Deleslie, Red Green... just to name a few... Oh and that one right down there...

Yeah, that's Adam West's signature. I got that back in 2015 at Awesome Con. He was by far, one of the most friendly, gracious, and humble celebrities I've ever met.

Suffice it to say, we like nostalgia and pop culture in our house. ...Also succulents. God I love those weird little alien plants. 

Look, I can only keep one species alive at a time and right now I'm focusing on the mini-humans I made.

So, anyway, the husband has been going through all his old toys, fixing them up and added some new (to us) pieces to the ol collection. None of our toys are worth much, I think. Something, something, not mint in box, something, something. But still, it's a collection to be proud of. 

A lot of this collection was made when the husband was a backline guy working for the Temptations. ...Oddly I don't have their autographs. Otis has kissed my hand, though. And my dad made them an apple pie. Aaaaaanyhoo..... He'd come home after a month on the road with a fistful of cash and, us having no kids at the time, would spend it on stuff like this. 

Anyway, this post doesn't really have much of a point, other than we spent most of the weekend playing with action figures. It was a decent weekend. 

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