Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jenkins, Get The Door!

I was told that if I'm going to do this whole author thing, I should probably get a blog. So, here it is. This is where you'll find my musings on life in general, thoughts on writing, and my progress on the publication of my first book.

"A book?" you say? Yes. A book. It's a story I've been actively working on since 2007 with characters that have existed since 1996. I've started and stopped, scrapped and re-scrapped the thing for the last 5 years. I got so wrapped up in technical dos and don'ts and fear of failure that writing was no longer fun. Finally, last year about this time, I just said, "To hell with it." and started writing for me. This past September it was finished and I sent it out to beta readers. The reactions so far have been positive, so here I am finalizing everything, prepping to self-publish on Amazon KDP by Spring.

So there you go. Welcome to my blog.   


  1. Put in the thinigie that lets me subscribe! DO IT! DOOOO EEEEET!