Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Biggest Little German Festival

Ever third weekend in July our local German village, Olderburg, hosts one of the best events of the summer: Freudenfest.
It's a two day event with a community breakfast, bike ride, 5k, pie baking contest, German music, beer drinking games, dancing, food... even dachshund races.

It's a great family-friendly event. There are games for the kids and lots of space for them to just run around and play in while you and your friends relax with a cold beer.

And there is plenty of beer. All kinds of beer! All the colors of the rainbow! Friday always features German beer, while Saturday also has the usual domestics as well as the German beers. For those who don't like beer, Ertel Cellars, the local winery, is there with a great selection, and of course there's water and soda pop.

I mean, you're going to need something to wash all the food down. My favorite are the bratwursts and sauerkraut balls. But there are also home made chicken and pork chop dinners, burgers, fries, soft pretzels, corn-on-the-cob, sno-cones, and ,the husband's favorite, chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick.

Food and beverages aside, Freudenfest is basically a giant class reunion for me. I get to catch up with all my friends and family.

Thing is, at Freudenfest, we're all friends. Let me repeat that: We're all friends. Guy bumps into you and spills your beer? He apologizes and you're cool and say, "Hey, no problem." Because, one more time for the people in the back: we're all friends here! People come from out of state just to hang out and everyone is totally cool. In all the years, I can't recall a single drunken brawl breaking out or anything dramatic like that happening. Everyone dances to polka music, even if you hate polka, dude, you dance. You sing the schnitzelbank song even if the only line you know is "Oh du schöne Schnitzelbank," and you definitely, definitely keep coming back every year.

If you want to come and hang out with all us crazy Germans come on down! I'll be there Saturday evening the husband will be there on Friday.  For more information check out the fest's website.

Ich liebe freudenfest!

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